Here is the current park layout as of 12/16/09… 

About The Edge

30,000 Sq. Ft. indoor skatepark. Catering to boards, blades, bmx and scooters. All sessions mixed. Open 7 days a week. Check out our website:
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381 Responses to PARK PHOTOS

  1. Jake says:

    Hey is the consturction done yet? havent had time to go check or get on here.

  2. justin says:

    why does the edge take so long to get back at a person

  3. justin says:

    im going 2morrow is it tht big

  4. justin says:

    has justin inman,brian foster,dokata roach or garret renyolds eva come to the park

  5. Carter k says:

    how much does it cost to rent a helmet?

  6. justin says:

    how old do u have to be to go there

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  8. gaige says:

    will the park be open during winter vacation???

  9. Steve says:

    the back section of the park will still be rideable even durnig construction right? or not?

  10. connor says:

    Hey when you guys say no bike in the bowl which bowl do you mean? There are two bowls right?

  11. The Edge says:

    Must wear a helmet, pads are optional. Bikes have same rules as everyone else, just cant ride int he bowl with the pool coping!

  12. McKenna (yeah its my first name) says:

    hey hows it going guys what are you building in the corner near the five block i saw in some kids videos that you guys are working on something

  13. CT says:

    When’s the new street course in back gonna be done?

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